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Welshpool car service Powerline Automotive has been established 30 years ago and is a trusted mechanic frequented by local Welshpool motorists and traveling drivers.

Still under the same management, Powerline Automotive offers all mechanical repairs in Welshpool, Belmont, Carlisle, Riverdale, Kewdale, VicPark and Cloverdale and surrounding WA regions. Call Powerline Auto now or book a car service in Welshpool, WA now!

Car Services in Welshpool

Located in Welshpool industrial area on Sandra Place 11 between Harris Street and Orrong Road, our fully licensed workshop offers specialised Log Book Servicing and Car Air Conditioning service. Powerline Automotive also provide our own Brake Specialist with on-site disc machining. Our mechanics can pick up your car for repairs and deliver it back to you when the service is complete. For roadside breakdowns, towing service is available and you can also use our free loan car for emergency transportation. All vehicles are locked under security. Powerline Automotive provides all general mechanical repairs, including:

• Battery
• Oil Sludge
• Suspension
• Timing Belts
• Transmission
• Radiator R/R
• Engine Recon
• 4WD Service
• Auto Electrical
• Exhaust Repairs
• Brake & Clutch
• Air Conditioning
• Wheel Balancing


• 150 Point Check
• Radiator Flushing
• Child Seat Fitting
• Auto Trans Flush
• Log Book Service
• New Car Warranty
• European Car Service
• Tyre Fiting & Repairs
• Leading Brand Tyre Sales
• Cooling System Service
• Roadworthy Inspections
• Pre Purchase Inspections
• On Site Disc Brake Machining

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Powerline car service advantages

Welshpool car service Powerline Automotive Services has 12 distinct advantages for your car servicing satisfaction:

1.   As a Repco Authorised Car Service centre, Powerline Auto have a commitment to HIGH QUALITY WORKMANSHIP, ensuring the very best in automotive care. Our car service is also a member of the Repco Auto Tech training program, ensuring each mechanic is kept fully up to date with modern vehicle repair methods.
2.   We offer a FREE 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report with any car service.
3.   Our work is authorised after giving your WRITTEN CONSENT. You will also be contacted before conducting any work that was not originally part of your estimate.
4.   Powerline Auto are an ACCREDITED log-book repairer - you can trust that the service you receive from us is on par with Australian mechanical standards.
5.   We offer an ITEMISED INVOICE to justify every hour spent and part replaced, while also making it far easier for you to read and understand the invoice at the end of the service.
6.   To reduce the cost to you, Powerine Auto provides LABOUR CHARGE CHECKS! Getting two minor repairs completed at the same time can save a significant amount of money (having your timing belt replaced? May be an ideal time to check the water pump as the belts will be removed anyway).
7.   Our Welshpool car service offer a CHOICE of genuine, aftermarket or secondhand parts at your request.
8.   We offer a COURTESY CAR FREE OF CHARGE for all our car service clients.
9.   Powerline Automotive have an on-site AIR-CONDITIONING and BRAKE specialist.
10.   Our Welshpool workshop accepts CREDIT CARD and EFTPOS.
11.   All our work has NATIONWIDE WARRANTY on quality parts and service at over 400 locations Australia wide.
12.   Last, but not least, we are an OWNER-OPERATED workshop, which means that it is in our best interest to remain HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY to retain your business.

Powerline Automotive Services was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for training students and increasing their work experience by Belmont City College. The owner of Powerline Automotive Geoff Philippe has 53 years of car service experience, and in addition to sound mechanical knowledge, Geoff actively develops a personal growth attitude and is an avid endurance horse rider and clay target competitor.

As your local Mechanic in Welshpool, Powerline Automotive take great pride in offering our clients the very best in car servicing and automotive repairs. Call Powerline Auto in Welshpool now or book a car service online!

For friendly car service from a trusted independent mechanic, drive to Powerline Automotive in Welshpool, WA!

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